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It's Shisui duuuudes!
Posted on 2005.11.27 at 00:29
Mood-o-Meter: anxiousanxious
DUDES! It has been such a like...TOTALLY long time...but like...I have some rockin' news!

I met this dude named Zabuza and like...he's freakin' COOL! I can't wait to meet his dog and stuff.

Gotta go feed little Nemo and the rest of the fish, so I'll talk to you awesome dudes later.

Oh! And I hope Iruphin is doin' good on his mission! I miss him a lot...

It's Shisui duuuudes!
Posted on 2005.09.28 at 16:32
Mood-o-Meter: chipperchipper
Grooves: Surfin' USA
Duuuudes...like....I totally forgot the password to this thing...and like...I don't know too much about computers so I kind of...like...kicked it. And something started smoking and like...yeah...

...It was GNARLY. Woaah! Like...the fire was TOTALLY awesome colors. Luckily like...I was cleaning out one of my 34 fishtanks and like...Mr. Wigglefin was chillin' in his bag and I used his home to like...put it out.

TOTALLY awesome though! Just like...woah.

Yo, Gai-dude and Iruphin! When are we like...going swimming and stuff?

I heard the little Sasutwerp like...had a kid. I remember when he was like...chasing me and Itachi-bro all over the place! Hahahahaha! I bet the little brat is cute though. And like...maybe I'll totally teach him or it or whatever how to catch some rad surf-age!

Peace out, dudes!

It's Shisui duuuudes!


Posted on 2005.08.24 at 10:47
Mood-o-Meter: curiouscurious
Wooaah...I gotta meet this Gai-dude!

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It's Shisui duuuudes!


Posted on 2005.08.22 at 02:40
Mood-o-Meter: accomplishedaccomplished
I am SO back from that surfing competition and I totally got a rockin' trophy.

But even more awesome than that? Iruphin is comin' to that ball thing with me. RAD. TOTALLY GNARLY.

So like...dude...Iruphin...remember what you decided on and like...keep your word like...rock hard strong. Need any help, just ask, bro.

Heeey Itachinator!! What's up?

It's Shisui duuuudes!

Update duuuudes!

Posted on 2005.08.13 at 23:55
Mood-o-Meter: happyrad
Like woah...Itachinator TOTALLY got like...sand in his pants or something 'cuz he seriously is NOT acting like the bro I knew. We SO have to like...bond again or something because dude...I still think we could be bros.

And that shark guy...chick...thing...well, (s)he's totally like...not cool.

I met that SL dude. He is totally rockin'! We're gonna be dudes, man. I can SO see it. That Rin chick too, who likes eyes. She's gonna be my sis 'cause she's rad like that.

Hey dolphin man, we gotta meet so we can like...surf and stuff. We'll get freakin' awesome tans and like...I bet you'd look hot with some blonde streaks!! Woooah, dude. Like...the sun could SO lighten up your hair somethin' awesome.

Peace out, dudes and dudettes!